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Work Ethics Seal

Seal Program Guidelines

Download Section 1 Verification form.

The Boyle County Schools Work Ready Committee, working with local businesses, industries and school personnel, has developed the Work Ethics Seal program with a unique set of specific criteria to identify students whose hard work, attendance and extracurricular involvement distinguish them from their peers. 

Students receiving the Work Ethics Seal should have an advantage when seeking employment,  as it easily identifies potential employees who possess a demonstrated work ethic. When listed on college applications, it shows that the student has learned the value of active involvement in school, and identifies the student as one who will attend class regularly and work diligently at their education. Student’s participation in the Work Ethics Seal program is voluntary and the pursuit of the certification program will be the exclusive responsibility of the student. 

In order to qualify, students must achieve the proceeding criteria before January of their senior year:

Section 1: Teamwork, Leadership, Collaboration & Responsibility Download Section 1 Verification form.

Be actively involved in at least two of the following at any point from August of their freshman year through December of their senior year:

• Participation in an organized team or individual sport (at least 2 seasons) and receive the coach or sponsor recommendation

• A minimum of 4 consecutive months of employment at a part-time job/mentorship/entrepreneurship/internship

• A minimum of 20 documented hours of community service

Section 2: Knowledge, Problem Solving, & Critical Thinking

ThinkingSatisfy one of the following, which include the Workplace Ethics Instruction Program (Essential Skills taught in this program include but are not limited to Adaptability, Diligence, Initiative, Knowledge, Reliability, Remaining Drug Free, and Working Well with Others). 

• Certified College and/or Career Ready 

• Successful completion of a Career Pathway 

Work Ethics Seal

• Completion of a Workforce Training Program or Earn an Industry Certificate

Section 3: Reliability & Responsibility

Meet all requirements below, verified by the High School Counselor:

• Maintain a minimum of 95% attendance

• Receive no more than 2 unexcused absences and/or tardies to school per year 

• Zero level 2 behavior incidents documented in Infinite Campus

• Maintain a cumulative, unweighted 3.0 GPA 

• Drug Free- voluntarily participate in the random student drug testing pool

Students must complete and submit an application form, available in the counseling office, for Section 1 by January 10th. Students will obtain appropriate signatures and contact information for each submission for Section 1. Individuals signing the submission forms may be contacted to ensure validity of information.

Students earning a Work Ethics Seal will wear a special cord at graduation and have the Work Ethics Seal affixed to their diplomas.